Dani Knoll photography


I am so thrilled you have considered Dani Knoll Photography to capture this most amazing time in yours and your child's life. Becoming a mother or father the first, second, third or consecutive time is always so thrilling. Each and every pregnancy is different, as is the beautiful child it produces. I am here to capture this short magical time, so that it will be enjoyed and remembered for decades to come. I strive to give you timeless portraiture, that is heirloom quality and will be treasured and passed down through the generations.    

ALL of my sessions come with proof galleries. That means YOU get to pick your final images. Proof galleries usually come with 25-45 images (depending on your type of session) to pick your final images from.

Booking your session

You will be invoiced a retainer that secures your due date slot. I only book a certain amount of newborns each month, to insure everyone has time in my schedule when their baby arrives.  

When your little one arrives, I ask that you contact me within 48 hours. Then we will set up your actual session date and time.

I shoot all of my newborns sessions in my studio starting at noon, Tuesday through Friday. I try to get them in for their session between 8 and 16 days old, so it is important that you let me know as soon as possible, to get the best selection of dates available.

SIBLINGS... AND GRANDPARENTS If you are shooting a sibling with your newborn, I ask that they come for the beginning of the session and then a parent or grandparent take them to "lunch" or home for the day. My studio is small and set up with hot lights, barn boards and camera equipment. For your newborns safety, I can not have children under 5 here while shooting your newborns session. I also ask that you limit the adults present to 2. Unless otherwise discussed. 

* please note that studio hours do not always fit with siblings schools schedules.  

What to expect at and after your session

Your photographer plans 2-3 rustic set ups depending on your package. There is no need to bring any props, wraps, outfits, blankets, etc. I supply everything. What you see pictured in these images, I have in my studio. My props are high quality and are chosen to photograph the best for your final image.  

The day of the session I ask that you try and keep the little one awake for the morning. Moving them around helps, baths also work. Go a head and feed them right before you leave for the session. Also be prepared to feed once or twice while at the session, if need be. Please try to be timely, I do understand getting out of the house with a newborn is always an adventure. Please notify me if you are going to be more than a few minutes late, to be sure there is still time for your entire session.

After your session is complete, I usually put a sneak peek up on face book and/or instagram. I try to keep it minimal.  

Generally within one to two weeks of the session, you will receive a proof gallery that you will pick your images to edit from. If your session includes 12 images, I will generally send about 25-30 to choose from. You may at this time choose to add images to your final gallery if you wish.

Once you notify me that your final choices on your proof set are complete, you will receive your final edits with in 20 days. These come via link to download the set. At this time you may order prints or canvas of your images through the cart option in your gallery. IF you can not load them directly on a computer, I HIGHLY suggest you purchase a USB. Storing these images on your phone changes the resolution and will not be sufficient for printing.

Questions to ask your newborn photographer

1) . How many years have you been working in Newborn photography and approximately how many babies have you handled?

I have been working with newborns for four years now and have worked with hundreds of newborns. Usually shoot about 50- 60 newborns per year.

2) . Have you received newborn specific posing training and with whom did you train?

YES! I have taken the Milkyway workshops several years now covering maternity, newborns and family. I have also taken Twig and Olive's workshops for Newborn, Maternity and family. Tons and Tons of online workshops.

3) . What are your safety practices you have in place in your studio that are specifically geared toward the newborn client?

I keep my studio at 75-80 degrees. I always provide sanitizer, chlorox wipes, and use them throughout the session and when I am in my studio. Fabrics that touch the baby are washed after each session. I ask that you refrain from bringing snacks with nuts in them, due to nut allergies. I will never push baby into a pose. If they are not willing, I will move on to the next one. Some babies respond better to posing and are still curly and limber, some are not. For this reason I can never guarantee to capture a certain pose. I always check for circulation and wrap with techniques that allow good blood flow. Newborns do not have good circulation yet and certain cross body wrapping will restrict it. Newborns are never left un-attended and will always have a spotter for upright positioning. 

4) . Do you work with an assistant or provide spotters for your newborn session?

As of now, I do not have an assistant (with the exception of twin sessions).
I will ask for parent assistance if I am not able to spot a baby myself. I do not do poses that require suspension. All my posing is supported by wraps or hands. 

5) . What will happen in the case of illness?

If I am Ill or contagious, I will reschedule your session.

6) . Are you currently up to date with vaccines that are required for working with pregnant women or the newborn population?

Yes! My flu shots for 2018-2019 have been received!!